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Irish Internships

Nurturing emerging talent with programmes and services to inform, educate and train

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Career Training Internships is one of Ireland’s leading intern placement and training companies, focused on building important links between Irish businesses, our global partners, and enterprising interns from all over the world. We deliver language training, work experience, and vocational programs to international students.

Located in Cork City, in the Republic of Ireland, we work creatively and proactively to match employer requirements with intern placement preferences to facilitate a meaningful and valuable experience for both parties.

Combining years of experience managing international exchange programmes with excellent business management skills, Career Training Internships strives to ensure each intern placement is one to remember. We have a true passion for creating unique experiences, which is reflected in everything that we do.


Lasting relationship with an established provider

Offer the best of Ireland to your students!

High-quality international candidates

Cost-effective specialized skills

Share a slice of Ireland with curious newcomers

Curious about the world? Bring it to your doorstep!

This just in:

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Doing our Part

There's a race to save our planet and do right by future generations.

We've been preparing future leaders for years.

We're committed to working with youth to improve our practices and provide meaningful dialogue.
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We're committed to the idea of creating opportunities for everyone, regardless of background.

We want a future where we all have a chance, and our programmes are designed with this in mind.

Social Inclusion

A Future for All


“ I have grown personally and professionally, and now have a clearer idea of what career path to take. I am extremely happy to have had such a wonderful experience here in Ireland!”
 Mia, Croatia


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