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The Advantages of Studying Engineering in Ireland

Engineers play a massive role in shaping the world around us today, it is an exciting profession with many benefits, such as an abundance of job opportunities and high wages. There are many places where you could study engineering, but we think Ireland is an excellent option as it provides engineering students with a solid foundation that will serve them well as they enter out into the world as qualified engineer. So here are our reasons why we believe Ireland is a great place to come and study engineering.

World-Class Universities

Ireland has some top-ranking universities within the country, colleges such as Trinity College Dublin, University College Dublin and NUI Galway, these universities are ranked in the top 1% of all universities worldwide and they all offer a variety of engineering degrees, many of these courses provide students with valuable experience prior to graduating as they offer hands on engineering training in Ireland.

Wide Range of Engineering Courses

As well as boasting a high-quality standard of education, Ireland has a wide range of engineering courses to choose from. There are 321 courses offered by 23 institutions in Ireland, the courses span across many disciplines of engineering and include aeronautical engineering, software engineering and mechanical engineering courses.

Multi-National Companies

Ireland has a host of excellent companies that engineers can find employment with: companies like Intel, Jaguar, Jacobs Engineering, General Motors, Accenture, Amazon, ESB, EY and Johnson & Johnson are just a few of the many companies who are recruiting engineers to come and work for them in Ireland. Many of the companies in Ireland offer students engineering internships and even summer engineering internships. Undertaking an internship before becoming an engineering graduate can be a great way to make you CV stand out to potential employers.

Internships while Studying

Engineering students like many other students in Ireland can undertake internships and earn money while studying for their courses. In Ireland’s third-level education system you can find many courses that take a practical approach to learning. Many engineering courses in Ireland offer placement to students and this is often enticing, as it allows students to cover some of the costs associated with going to college. The engineering internships in Ireland are among some of the best worldwide due to the abundance of multi-national companies. Career Training Internships provides interns with valuable skills that they would not be able to learn in the classroom, and the exposure to practical learning can be an exciting way for students to learn the necessary skills.


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