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  • Sofiia Funtikova - Marketing and Office Intern

Why You Should Be an Intern (and How it Affects Your Future Career)

Updated: Sep 23, 2022

A picture of two student’s converses on the ground. The “Internship” word is on the top of the photo.

Have you ever thought about how much of an impact the actions in your life as a student can have on your future career as an employee, or even as an entrepreneur? Unfortunately, we live in a world where you are expected to be a skilled worker with at least a year of experience. All these conditions fall on your shoulders, even as a student a recent graduate.

What is the solution?

The question that arises is, “Where do I get experience that I need?” You’ve just finished your studies, and now you are expected to be experienced, as if from thin air… This is exactly the case when you should consider an internship as your way to redeem the situation. It is a perfect approach to gain as much knowledge as you can without being expected to be qualified. On the contrary, you come to GET the experience.

Your time as a student is the best period to become start to become a skilful employee. There are millions of possibilities, if you know how to search for them. Your main task is to find time for the work and, as much as possible, implement the knowledge you got from your university in your work experience.

Since you are a new mind in a company, your bright ideas will be refreshing for the workflow and its improvement. Some companies hire interns to change their rigid routines and approaches. Here is your time to shine and show your potential.

A picture of a gathering of international students from different backgrounds deciding on a business matter next to the table full of documents.

Benefits from an internship

Apart from the fact that you will be able to implement your learned skills (whether those are from the university or other activities) at work, you can show your potential to the fullest and not be afraid of making any mistakes. This is a process of learning and acquiring your future qualifications. You are expected to make them and ask multiple questions. It is the beauty of this process.

You will get a reference document about your newly gained skills and a description of your work ability as an employee. Later, you can enrich your CV with this information and raise your qualification level — to make yourself a valuable worker. With practically acquired skills you have an advantage in comparison to other newly graduated students.

Apart from all the above-mentioned points, you get socially prepared and get familiar with norms and practices that make you an adjustable and stable employee in a variety of social situations. Apart from this, it is a great opportunity to do a test drive in your chosen field.

Let’s say you decided to do an internship in Marketing. However, after a month of work, you realised that this sphere is not the one you wanted to make a career of, and then you went on to another field. The benefit of this opportunity is that you are not bound for a long-term contract, and you do not invest in something that you might not like as much as you expected to. Therefore, with a method of trying and searching, you can find your ideal job.

How to get an internship and why in our company?

You might be confused about where and how to get your internship. Whether you came from a school exchange programme or decided to find a workplace on your own, our company, Career Training Internships, will help you with all your enquiries and give a helping hand throughout the whole process. You do not have to have any experience before your internship (unless it is a highly qualified field).

An internship after graduation, the internship during your studies — all options are possible. All you need to do is to ask an Erasmus coordinator of your education facility if you have any programmes for an internship experience. Otherwise, you can do it yourself without sponsorship.

We will take care of all your paperwork and find a host company and host family where you will stay for the term. Our business has partnerships with a variety of companies around Ireland in the fields of administration, hospitality, marketing, engineering, science, childcare, gastronomy, IT any many more. We accept internship applications throughout the year for periods from 2 weeks up to 12 months.

A student sits by the table next to his co-workers in the office noting something down on a paper.

How to write a CV and cover letter for your internship?

Before applying to your future work, you should take responsibility for the preparation of the documents. Your main question is how to write a CV for the internship. You might want to look at these links, which can give you some tips and even create these essential documents from zero.

All useful information you can find on our website. For now, we wish you luck in finding your desired internship.


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