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50 Projects to Assign to a Remote Intern

Updated: Oct 14, 2020

Busy managers often struggle to find tasks for efficient interns. An intern can be a huge benefit to a busy team when incorporated correctly. Here is a list of project ideas that will keep your intern gainfully occupied while adding value to the company and relieving some of your team’s workload so that they can be more creative and less stressed.

CRM, Website & Analytics

  1. CRM Housekeeping – Ensure every contact is up to date and each field is in the correct format, add Eircodes for every address etc.

  2. Run different reports from the CRM system to analyse and identify trends

  3. Analyse Google Analytics data to identify trends on the company website - plan website content based on trends

  4. Rewrite and add new content on website pages

  5. Increase the number of hyperlinks on the website

  6. Improve meta descriptions for all website pages

  7. Improve tags on website pages

Social Media

  1. Analyse and write a report on all Social Media platform insights – make recommendations on improving engagement with target markets

  2. Write copy for social media posts

  3. Create relevant social media content for all channels; photos, videos, music, takeovers, competitions, lives etc.

  4. Create a social media calendar for the year including all significant dates and content ideas

  5. Schedule future social media posts using Creator Studio or Hootsuite

  6. Share website blog posts on relevant social media channels

  7. Make a list of 50 micro-influencers who you think are in line with our brand

  8. Evaluate the competitor’s social media presence, make recommendations on gaining a competitive edge

  9. Propose different ideas for seasonal Social Media campaigns

  10. Design Instagram stories and social media posts using Canva

  11. Tag and clean up old content on YouTube, Wordpress and other channels

  12. Spend 1-2 hours every day interacting meaningfully with social accounts who interact with competitors and similar companies. Like their content, follow them, comment on their posts.

  13. Identify like-minded brands, industry bodies or other social accounts who may be interested in sharing the companies content online


  1. Translate the company website into other languages

  2. Translate marketing materials into other languages

  3. Translate presentations into other languages

  4. Write blog posts in other languages

  5. Translate the website of overseas competitors

Market Research

  1. Complete an in-depth competitive analysis including a SWOT Analysis

  2. Write a report about how the industry operates in the interns home country and how it compares to the industry in the host country

  3. Run an online focus group or create a survey to collect market data

  4. Research what customers are saying about your product or service in other languages

  5. Read industry-relevant articles and publications and note interesting points and ideas in a report

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