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After a month in Cork, our 7 German trainees head home

Joël, Kimberly, Lena, Marcel, Paulina, Miriam and Safa came to Cork on October 12 to work for a month. We wish them a safe journey home!

Are they part of an organisation?

This group of young people is part of EUFit+, an organisation whose objective is to strengthen young people and adults without work, through a stay, an internship in a company in their skills and to integrate a certificate at the end of their studies.

Thanks to social and action skills, participants are active in order to get closer to the labour market and training and to integrate professionally. This group works with more than 90 employees and cooperates with regional actors, companies and national partners.

Seeing the sights:

The group worked hard but had plenty of time to enjoy the sights and sounds of Ireland! Despite the wintry temperatures, Ireland is always mild and the people are always welcoming.

What kind of training did they receive?

All of them have completed their internships in different organisations: some in commerce and sales, others in personal assistance services, or in the administration or informatics sector.

At the end of their internship, the students met with the Mayor of Cork on Monday 9 December to receive their certificates. A presentation on their time in Cork was made. Host families, host companies, group leaders and the CTI team attended the event. Irish music, food and good humour were on hand.

Our 7 Germanists can be proud of themselves; they leave with a great professional experience! We wish them a safe journey back to Germany!


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