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Why Should You Become an Engineer?

Engineering is a fascinating profession that uses mathematics and scientific principles to turn ideas into reality. Engineers are masters of design, invention, systems, processes and much more. There are many different fields of engineering including mechanical engineering, civil engineering, chemical engineering, computer engineering and industrial engineering. It is an excellent career to pursue a job in and in this article, we will explain 5 of the main advantages associated with choosing a career in engineering.

1. Engineers Can Expect to Earn a High Wage

The profession is one of the highest paid in Ireland and the world. The average salary for an Engineer in Ireland is around €45,000. The average engineering intern salary in Ireland is around €25,000, so it is not surprising that Irish engineering internships are a popular choice amongst international students. If financial security is a big incentive for you and you have a passion for how things work, then it may be worth considering a career in engineering.

2. Travel Opportunities

Engineering jobs are in such high demand; this means that an engineer has the opportunity to work nearly anywhere in the world. Engineering is heavily dependent on maths and as we know maths is a universal language spoken everywhere.

3. High Employability

There is a growing need for engineers worldwide, and this is not going to change anytime soon. With advancements in technology, computing and science, engineers can expect to work in a thriving industry for years to come. As long as they are not too picky, fresh graduates can expect to find employment almost immediately; however, with more competitive roles it can help to bring something extra to the table. Some of the best engineering internships provide hands-on experience, so be sure to read job descriptions carefully and do your research before applying.

4. Broad Range of Jobs

Just because you specialise in one area of engineering does not mean you cannot switch to a completely different one in the future. Despite many different engineering disciplines, the skills that all engineers learn are easily transferable. Engineers must solve complex problems and have a good understanding of industrial and technical aspects. A mechanical engineer who wants to switch over to biomedical engineering 5 years into their career will certainly be able to transfer much of the skills and knowledge they have already learned.

5. Use your Creativity

Engineers often get to use their creativity in a variety of ways. Problem solving is a creative process as it uses a variety of creative tools to settle a solution. The valuable skills and creative processes that are learned in the job can also be used outside of work.

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